Welcome to Horta dos Cedros.


A place with dedication, pleasure and life. We believe that the realization of dreams is only achieved when it is happily shared.
Horta dos Cedros is a family farm in Ribatejo, where Luis, Rita and Luís work together to welcome their guests. Located in the heart of Tomar, on the bank of the Nabão river, it is an area of freedom, which is lost on the horizon where the limit is the Convent of Christ.
Since 2016, the love and commitment of the family, have led to the transformation of some spaces used in the life of the farm, such as the house of the housekeepers and the house of the oven today, House of Art and Casa da Árvore. The renovated and refurbished spaces, with a special affection, the fully equipped houses, seek a comfort and refinement in a field that is also a city.

The space...

Tomar, a templar city where winds blow from the mountains and the river, gives us a light and unforgettable landscapes, not to mention the historical patrimony that is inscribed here and it imposes itself as obligatory to those who visit it. A city that promises different experiences in each of its fascinating places.
Horta dos Cedros is much more than a small hotel, just a 5-minute walking to the center. It is a space that offers serenity and recollection in a journey with comfort and contemporaneity that will make the stay unforgettable. We thought the Horta dos Cedros as a traditional family space, but at the same time extravagant and unique. The fusion of design, rurality, comfort and elegance, appeal to the senses and feelings.
With personalized service, we spoil our guests with details that make the difference. We want here you enjoy what life has the best.

Visit the Horta dos Cedros, bring your family and friends, take with you memories to remember one day.